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Learning - Growing - Evolving

Results matters! Leading institutions from good to great is not a one size fits all procedure. Leadership and pedagogical practices are diverse as they are dynamic in providing quality education across the lifelong education continuum. At Pinkgrape Consulting (PGC) our strategy is designed to augment our clients' distinct mission, vision, and values - tailored to their academic pupil needs and directly concentrated on continual leadership improvement. We recognize that a knowledgeable population contributes to a competitive economy, healthier communities, and the well-being of individuals. We are perceptive to professional development systems and appreciate the necessity for better linkages between emerging opportunities and functional work-life balance - guaranteeing that  educators and administrators are equipped with real-time data to facilitate empirical decision making - deducing the root cause of risks and providing scalable, sustained outcomes.





To create lasting solutions to every day educational challenges.



To implement innovative and sustainable grassroots initiatives at the Elementary, and  Secondary level that improve educational outcomes.

Values + Motto


We work collaboratively with teachers, leaders and stakeholders to inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge while promoting and sustaining a healthier community, strengthening the ability of forward-thinking schools to achieve sustainable results - addressing educational and community challenges while maximizing core opportunities. 


Trust * Worth * Purpose * Happiness

Expected Company Learning Results


Pinkgrape Consulting is committed to significant local, regional, national, & international partnerships with teachers, and leaders:

  • Passion - Valuing performance and results, holding ourselves accountable for high standards as we seek to understand what can be, not simply what is.
  • Character - Listening to and learn from our client’s personality traits. Valuing a diversity of perspectives and striving to incorporate the individual persona.
  • Candor - Embracing facts and feedback, speaking our minds, and understanding that hard choices and difficult tradeoffs are often a necessity.
  • Collaboration - Sharing knowledg - aligning our efforts with stakeholders dedicated to achieving social impact.


We are attentive to teaching and leadership systems  -  providing coaching to teachers and leaders in the cultivation of new and emerging approaches to instruction - delivering support and awareness to unexpected shifts in leadership and teaching.



Instructional + Leadership Systems

We work collaboratively with teachers and leaders to understand their particular  systems and specific professional development needs for better linkages between the educational, community and workforce development systems. Every need is specific to that of the organization. We offer scalable educational supports for schools and districts in overcoming obstacles to learning and driving positive systemic change to leverage the playing field in education. PGC’s expertise provides resources, guidance and support to help school leverage their potential in reaching  their  targeted goals.

Our Passion is Leadership Development.

  • We understand the daily challenges governing boards face in leveraging internal and external resources to effectively govern their organization with fidelity.
  • We are akin  to the extreme challenges faced by public charter leaders and systems.
  • Our consultants, principals, and teachers bring over 45 years of education and higher education experience leading school across the education continuum.

Innovative and Creative Resources

Harnessing the creative resource of teachers and charter leaders is what we do. Our knowledge and skill sets allow us to work in concert with shareholders in developing operational resources, operational tools, metrics, and systems to help any school leader measure, leverage and communicate with their teams.

Capacity Building 

Leading a school from good to great, we live by one simple rule – Before one can lead others, one must be able to lead oneself. It is our belief as we build capacity our community will design a process of developing and strengthening their skills, instincts, abilities, processes, and resources that organizations and communities need to survive, adapt, and thrive in the fast-changing world.

We can tailor our consultative services to meet your specific need. Our expertise in governance, leadership, turn around leadership, student achievement, operations, academics and strategic planning will accentuate your current needs and position your organization to competitive success.

Weekend Warrior Workshop

Responding to the changing needs of students and society is at the heart of Pinkgrape  Consulting’s teaching and leadership professional learning experience.  Our weekend workshops not only allows teachers to further the passion of life long learning in furthering a creative and innovative teaching styles, techniques, and tips, as well as provide leaders with emerging strategies in order to improve their own instructional  abilities ( 2019). These weekend workshops are customize to meet teachers and leaders where they are - introducing concepts, new topics, and hands on activities. We provide a myriad of professional development opportunities for teachers, from one day workshops to multi-day seminars. 


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Personalize - Development - Support

Our one-on-one coaching is personalize to meet your specific needs  - focused on explicit instruction, ongoing, detailed performance feedback, and “in-the-moment” support designed to guide, support and promote interdependence, helping teachers and leaders work to their full potential. Let PGC help you identify problem areas, achieve  personal goals and determine key focus areas. Our coaching lays the foundation for significant change in instructional practices and leadership. Our job-embedded coaching provides teachers and leaders with strategies to improve the quality of learning for all students

Working with PGC gives you the opportunity to improve in 8 critical areas: 

  • Change Management
  • Focus on results
  • Culture Stability
  • Unleash the Time Genie (Time Management)
  • Getting Unstuck (Group  Think)
  • Strengthen Leadership
  • Faculty and Student Retention
  • Improve Relationships

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Our instructional coaching involve conversations about student learning data, goal-setting, and practices and may involve side-by-side support during the process of teaching or leading, and modeling instructional practices “live” in the classroom.  We work in the context of each district’s teacher evaluation rubric and instructional framework, taking a growth-focused approach.


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Governance + Legislation


Congratulations and welcome to the board. Taking on a role as a board or committee member (seasoned and newly elected school board members) sound relatively straight forward and easy. Can you clearly and concisely describe the practical application of your actual governance roles and responsibilities while confidently articulating your governance and legal responsibilities? We work with board or committee member by refreshing their understanding of governance, legislation and board member responsibilities - effectively communicating known issues and solutions to potential board members. This is a full-day six-hour workshop for seasoned and newly elected school board members. leadership coaching educational consultant

Board Training


Even the most well thought out strategy will fail if stakeholders can’t rally the organization around those strategies. Our seminars are tailor-made on topics to meet the specific needs of your governing board looking to develop a firm understanding of school processes needed skills grounding in school finance and education law, including information on state and federal versus local responsibilities. We offer sound advice on how to run a board meeting, a detailed seminar on Robert's Rules of Order and communication tips on dealing with the public and the media.

Change Management


In today’s rapidly shifting work environments, it’s not enough to adapt to change, we need to embrace it. When we enjoy the opportunity that the change presents, adjusting is easy. It’s when we resist change, focusing on the negative aspects instead of the benefits, that we find ourselves in need of a corporate attitude adjustment! This course will enable you to take a creative and energetic approach to adapting to change. In this workshop, participants discover the aspects of workplace change that are within your control. Commit to modifying your work patterns to more successfully meet the challenges change brings. Examine a change model and determine ways to comfortably adapt your attitude to approach times of transition positively and productively.

Building Functional Teams


Great teams are energizing and productive, delivering breakthrough results. In an effective team, everyone understands how to contribute in ways that support team outcomes that go above and beyond what any individual could accomplish alone. But teamwork isn’t easy. Even the best teams, with the most well-intentioned colleagues, can encounter problems that hinder their collective accomplishments.

Participants will learn strategies and facilitation techniques for building great teams and creating successful team dynamics. Develop skills that enhance communication and trust, and align team members around shared goals so they can effectively plan, communicate, execute, and deliver.

Professional Learning


The idea of improving schools by developing professional learning communities (PLC) in school is not a new concept. The only difference is the execution. Proper implementation can have a sustained effect on an ailing community. In certain educational settings, the term has been used so ubiquitously that it is in danger of losing all meaning. Well-intentioned school reform efforts have pushed the professional learning community model to a critical juncture. This workshop will focus on student learning outcomes, removing barriers to success while designing a  culture of collaboration based on school improvement objectives and goals focused on results - creativity, innovation committed to student success. 

Teacher Development


High-quality teaching is vital for student success. Great teachers help create great students. In fact, research shows that an inspiring and informed teacher is the most important school-related factor influencing student achievement. Our teacher training  is  specific and delibrit.  Designe to help educators inspire their students, engage their learners, perfect their craft, and share their experiences to help veteran teachers to have ongoing and regular opportunities to learn from each other, grow as a community and evolve pedagogical practices.



Leaders Who Inspire

It is our belief great leaders find creative avenues to unite and engage stakeholders. They will do what it takes to create a workforce that’s ready for current and future challenges. They “promote the success of all students by facilitating the development, articulation, implementation, and stewardship of a vision of learning that is shared and supported by the school community.”  These leaders toil to make a difference in the lives of those they touch. They inspire grit, and guide an organization from good to great to sustainable success, for they are the glue that holds an organization together. 

Our leadership coaching starts with a conversation and involves side-by-side support. Probing about the root cause of the issues and collaboratively designing sustainable solutions to everyday problems. We work alongside leaders to help them develop the skills and acumen they need to support teachers in real-time. We provide suggestions and feedback leaders can use in real-time to design sustainable solution to aid their organization, implement real-time functional change management strategies in meeting today’s challenges head-on.

Our Leadership Development seminars cover a variety of topics — such as leading strong teams and ethical and sustainable leadership — that not only strengthen leaders’ confidence and capability but equip them to build a strong culture of engagement where team members are confident with their roles, abilities and enthusiastic to contribute.

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Pinkgrape Consulting leadership courses offer innovative methods for gaining employee commitment to organizational objectives through workplace learning.  We walk with leaders to design strategies to gain employee commitment and loyalty, improve communication and collaboration, create a culture that retains talent and achieve organizational goals and objectives. 


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Common Core Standards


Unpacking Common Core State Standards can be confusing. Connecting and understanding how those standards connect overall frustrating.  This two part workshop acquaint administrators and teachers strategies to understand the purpose and usefulness of such standards. This  workshops answer questions related to the interpretation of specific standards and strategies for implementing the teaching of some content standards,

Assessment and Evaluation


A professional development course, weekend, or single session on assessment and evaluation will offer educators and administrators new and innovative ways to assess students in a variety of content areas   to evaluate and redirect learning.

Differentiated Instruction


Meeting the individual needs of every student can be an overwhelming job, but one that is expected and challenging. This type of professional development offers support for teachers as they group and manage data, work with students on varying levels, and creating and managing levels.

The Achievement Gap


Some students come into the classroom at a disadvantage. This has been a well researched and well documented fact. However, teachers are required to work toward closing that achievement gap for all students. Culturally relevant pedagogy and the integration of visual and performing arts can play a factor in helping to close the achievement gap. This the workshop offers strategies to  on  closing achievement gap.

Guided + Leveled Reading


Guided reading has been around for a number of years. Whether you are just beginning to use the strategy or need new ideas to enhance your current instruction, this type of professional development will be helpful. Strategies and options to help make educators strong(er) in the realm of guided or leveled reading will be given.

Independent Reading Practices


Getting students to read and find a love of reading can be a challenging task. This professional development opportunity will help educators to learn how to grow classroom libraries and engage students in the act of reading and comprehension while reading on their own.


Michelle Tavares, M.Ed.


Michelle has been recruited to create special education programs for 20 years in cities such as Providence, RI, and Baltimore, MD. She has specialties in developing opportunities for students with multiple disabilities, and non-verbal communicators while developing trusting relationships with her students and their families through the Advisory and Project-Based Learning model. Being awarded grants for research in Progressive Education has provided Michelle with the knowledge to present at national conferences training educators in these ideals. She has trained with the New Leaders Program to earn an Administrative Certification. Currently serving on 2 different school Boards, she is influential in ensuring the autonomy of teachers and democratic leadership styles.

Dr. Jerome Banks


Dr. Jerome Banks is an internationally experienced K-12 school leader, presenter, lecturer, and curriculum specialist.  He is currently serving as the K-12 Director of Learning at Keerapat International School in Bangkok, Thailand.  Dr. Banks earned his Ph.D in Educational Leadership from Assumption University in Bangkok, Thailand, a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA., a Master’s of Science in Education Degree from State University of New York at Buffalo and his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Mathematics from Livingstone College in Salisbury North Carolina in the USA. Dr. Banks specializes in school culture, instructional leadership, teaching and curriculum development and change management. 

Dr. Emmanuel T. Vincent


Dr.  Vincent has 18 years corporate, teaching and administrative Pre-K-12 international experience in  Fortune 500 companies and school districts. Dr. Vincent is a Fulbright Fellow (Japan), a Carnegie Fellow (Northeastern University), a Massachusetts Education Policy Fellow (EPFP) (Northeastern University), and a Springfield College Writing Fellow (Springfield College). He has a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.) from Johnson & Wales University, a Masters of Education (M.Ed.) in Administration, Middle and Secondary School Administration from Providence College, a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Educational Leadership (CAGS) from Johnson & Wales University, a Masters of Education in Special Education (M.Ed.), Mild to Moderate Disabilities from Providence College, and Bachelor of Arts in Public and Professional Communications & English Literature from Rhode Island College.

Kelli Cannon, M.Ed.


Kelli has over 16 years of committed service in education. Kelli has worked with Bill and Melinda Gates’ Intensive Partnerships for Effective Teaching (IP), and Charter Management Organizations (CMO) including Alliance College-Ready Public Schools, as the Director of Educator Effectiveness, and Aspire Public Schools. As the  Intervention Specialist and Instructional Lead Teacher with Valdosta City Schools, she leads Response to Intervention (RTI) initiatives through Reading Recovery strategies.  Kelli currently serves as a Board Member for Verto Education and previously was a California Representative for the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD). Kelli has a Bachelor of Science in Education from Valdosta State University, a Master of Science in Adult Education from Troy University, an Education Specialist from Valdosta State University and Doctor of Education (ABD) from Valdosta State University.  




Our work span Preschool-12th-grade teachers and administrators in international schools. Our on-site work with teachers and administrators is centered around consulting, coaching, training and leadership. Our training is a strategic mix of classroom simulation, teacher & team workshops, faculty professional development, parent educational workshops, and administrator and teacher coaching.

Each engagement is unique and tailored to your specific needs and population of learners. Training is goal-driven, practical, interactive, and inspiring; the kind of professional development that brings a diverse community of educators together around a shared vision.



Teachers and administrators have many responsibilities throughout the academic day. The proliferation of Internet access devices gives teacher and leaders the ability to learn anytime, within the walls of a classroom, to the pedagogy used by leaders and teachers, and to the pace of an entire community of leaders and learners. Our online services are designed to meet educators and leaders where they are and incorporates emerging proactive design solutions to meet their immediate needs. 

We offer scalable online options from consulting, coaching, training, and leadership to mentorship programs, live and recorded sessions on teaching and leadership, live Q&A sessions with teaching and leadership teams centered around unique topics and emerging interests.


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